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  1. Now that I've got your attention, I have a survey for you to do, it is here. I would really appreciate if you filled it out, only six short questions!

    For those that don't know, I'm a member of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland, which seeks to end sectarian divisions between British Protestants and Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland. I've mentioned it in a few threads.

    I want to propose we build our international links. You may have heard of Sinn Féin, another Northern Ireland political party who advocate a united Irish republic. They have 'Friends of Sinn Féin' organisations established in America, Britain, Australia and Canada and raise funds and support with local Irish diaspora. I believe that if more people knew that Northern Ireland faced sectarian divisions and there was a political party trying to end it, we could reap the benefits of large international support.

    EMC has quite a diverse international membership, including Americans, the British, the Irish, Australian, New Zealanders, Netherlanders (yes, that's the term), and others. So I want to conduct a survey with you all, to gauge how much people know at the moment, and if my party could benefit from international support.

    In the survey, I'd like you to select which statement applies most to you. Please only choose one option from the first 8, and only one from the last 2. Be honest - don't pretend to be a smarty-pants, it won't help me. If you have, for example, heard of the Alliance Party, but only from me, don't select that. Only select an option if you have heard it somewhere else other than from me.
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    6 responses so far, thanks everyone! I'd like 20-30 ideally!