Chicken Farm

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  1. I made with Va5y1 a chicken farm on SMP4, if I counted right there are exactly 792 chickens in the chicken farm, since it doesn't lag as I expected we will add more chambers with chickens inside them

    the 7x7 rooms have 32 chickens per level
    the giant lubes have 1 chicken per level
    and the 5x5 rooms have 24 chickens per level

    Resident number: 8868 at SMP4
  2. Looks good :)
  3. Don't live near spaskiba

    Anyway Very good!!!
    Your good at everything that u do!!!!!!
  4. Just please please please don't let it get out of hand. 911 is laggy but everyone understands why. Having another res like this is just another pest.

    Ever chicken is an eternity that the server has to render so in the long run, if there are too many it could cause a detrimental effect. We wouldn't want the chickens to have an accident with the senior staff would we?

    The design is a good idea. However, the res is very laggy for me.
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