Cave Spider Spawner

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  1. is anyone interested in a Cave Spider Spawner? looking to sell it maybe, or just share it ^.^ found one just today. :)

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  2. what server? i could share it with you. i can set up a functional grinder, but alex sets up GREAT ones.
  3. It is on server 8
  4. Well... 10 blocks down from it is a pava pool.... =\
  5. What texture pack is that it looks nice
  6. rustic texturepack...I have same one :)
  7. far from spawn?
  8. Spider spawners are real glitchy lately. I don't even us my triple cave spider spawner right now and use a double zombi instead. Good luck with that though as they are fun to build and get working.

    This video shows how I setup the spawn room but I use channels and a timed crusher to get them to 1-2 hit level.

    Another showing the crusher.