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  1. So you know EMC has all these awesome events, so I made my own with the help of LloydInAction. I made CTF! ( capture the flag ). There will be 3 or 4 rounds for each game and its a version that I made some stuff up with, you can stop the players by building dirt walls. You will have a 5 min. time to build dirt walls around. I supply some dirt but you can bring your own and you can bring cobblestone and wood nothing more than that. No obsidian plz and don't break the stuff just build walls. Tunnels under the ground are aloud. For the rules visit /v Pixel_Cat23. I will go over the rules in the beginning of each round. Hope You Enjoy!! ( I will be adding more stuff/interiors there in the future )

    When: Monday 4, 2016 at 5:00pm EMC time
    Where: Pixel_Cat23 or /v +CTF
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  2. Update: CTF Will Be Held Every Saturday! If Something Occurs I Will Notify That On This Forum! I Will Be Able To Do It On WeekDays When Im Free ( un-common XD )!

    If u have any questions ask them now or before we start the game on Saturdays plz!
  3. Ok so I have sad news D': Real life got in the way and now I have to postpone CTF!! NUUUUUU, So the new date for CTF is Saturday the 16th!! I'm So Sorry!!
  4. This is in April?
  5. may i ask if u can go over the list of blocks your can bring
  6. Yes the date for this is April ( Saturday ) 16, 2016 and you can bring wood blocks, dirt blocks, and stone blocks. I supply some dirt blocks but other wise bring your own. Plz no other blocks.
  7. Ah i have some good news! My school was canceled cause of snow so....I will hold the event at 3:00pm today!