Capture the Flag

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  1. I recently became a gold supporter and have obtained a second residence.
    The other day, I came up with the idea of turning this second res into a huge Capture the Flag arena, but was unsure how I could implement PvP themes without actual fighting, the only problem being that I don't know I could do it.
    I've played around with the ideas of team coloured fireworks or maybe through the particles given off by splash potions.
    Please post your opinions and suggestions of how I could implement this feature, thanks.
  2. well, i am already building a paintball arena on my 2nd res, underground 0.0. it uses _________ to _______
    which ______, _______
  3. How does your paintball arena work, and why the ____'s?
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  4. Cause he don't want to tell you:p It's a secretysecrety thing