Can't Get In

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by jokubas545, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. i can't get into EMC for some reason it says can't reach server???
  2. what server is this? It is happening to me for smp3. It is most likely a server host communication problem should be restored in a couple mins
  3. someone help lol
  4. Just a server restart, should be up momentarily. :)
  5. same here bro
  6. kk i cant get in also
  7. Skilled Creeper its amp 2 that isn't working for me idk y??
  8. maybe its bc of the server population change??
  9. lol they are on top of it! Justin came in and said hi and then the server went dark, haha.
  10. oh lol he caused the problem lol jk
  11. ever since the population change there has been more lag........
  12. all smp servers but smp4 are available but when i try to connect to smp4 it says "sorry i can only connect to 1 empire server at a time" and im not connected to any other empire server
  13. are they patching mods?
  14. lol, just take the oppurtunity to empty your bladder and grab something to fill it up again with, stretching legs is good for circulation :p
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  15. shaun said its going to come back up in a moment so just hold on
  16. 60 slost = lag
  17. that is true but then when we have 45 slots its very hard to get in bc EMC is the best server ever lol