Can someone explain this to me...

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  1. Hi everyone,
    lately i was building some redstone stuff in my sp world.
    after finishing the totally useless creation i wanted to put it in my res on EMC.
    So after building the useless redstone creation i tried it out, but when i flipt the switch it didnt work as it should work.. i worked completely different from how it worked in the sp world..

    this is how it should work =

    the double piston extender should push all of the 4 crafting tables up.
    but instead of doing that it randomly pushes the crafting tables up like this =

    Everytime i flip the switch it pushes up different crafting tables

    The other thing that occurd was my 3x3 restone door that didnt work at all..
    same thing for the block swapper i made..

    They all work in sp but on EMC they dont for some reason.

    I did found out when there is no sand on the crafting benches it works fine..

    so if someone knows whats wrong.. please tell me
  2. your repeaters on on diferent ticks/your redstone wiring has different timing and thus signal is only being sent to some
  3. also cant really tell you whats wrong without seeing the wiring
  4. come to smp5 , 10110. i can show you
  5. Im pretty sure that its not the wiring but something with the server..
  6. You said it works without the sand. There's the problem. Since sand is an easily duplicated block with pistons we have some fixes in place to prevent it. Therefore, I think, some of our anti-duplication fixes must be altering the behaviour.

    I don't know the details of these fixes nor would I reveal the details if I knew (prevent dupers making work arounds).
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  7. Thanks to the anti-duplication measures you will probably always find that sand+piston=unpredictable machine. If the mechinisms in your build require a realiable gravity block try using gravel in its place.

    You may need to redesign your wiring to something requiring less accuracy if using gravel isn't an option though.
  8. Wait, looks like mine ;) Take a look at my design on my res, that one does work.
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  9. well the problem is that there is a problem with pistons too , for somereason the double extender in my 3x3 didnt work..
  10. failquote
  11. @Bitemenow I didnt use sand/gravel in my 3x3 door
  12. You might need to tune your timings of your pistons more. I have seen some 3x3 doors that do work well.

    Some of the anti-duping fixes are piston specific. So there will be differing piston behaviour between single and multiplayer (and other multiplayer servers).
  13. I find it amusing that gravel is so worthless on EMC that it isn't prevented from being duped in instances where sand is :p Or is this just another way of Aikar part way destroying the economy... Allowing gravel dupes :confused:
  14. hm its weird though.. cause why does it work in sp and not in EMC?
  15. Because all of those anti-duplication fixes aren't on SP.
  16. I ment the 3x3 door since im not using gravel or sand for it.
  17. Or are the pistons involved too?
  18. okay , thanks. ill need another design for my 3x3 door then