[Buying] Wool in Bulk

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  1. Hello. I'm looking to buy a lot of wool in bulk amounts. I don't want to buy from any shops, or shear them from any shearing places, I'd prefer getting it up front. Wool colors I'm looking for are: Red, orange, yellow, lime green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, and pink. I'll buy them anywhere from 64 to 128 rupees per stack.

    Anyway, if you have any of those colors, I'd love to buy them from you.
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  2. I've got a ton of magenta. 2 dbl chests I think.
  3. well uh, cadgamer101 sells alot of wool... but if you need black not sure if he has much more of that haha.
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  4. I'll take one double chest for 6,912 rupees (128 per stack).
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  6. I understand that, if you PM him you are able to get it up front.
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  7. I have: 5 stacks of orange wool, 4 stacks of white wool, 2 stacks or light grey wool, a stack or red wool and a stack of cyan wool. I also have some other wool but not in stacks, that I'm willing to give to you for 90r per stack.
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  8. Alright. Pay me and I'll set up a chest for you at 1303 smp1
  9. I'm not looking for the gray or white wool. I'll take everything else, though.
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  10. Bumped.
  11. I can sell you 2 dc of yellow wool and 1 dc of red
  12. I'll take one double chest of each for 13,824 rupees (Total, not each).