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  1. Im buying each of these items. If you wish to sell them to me P.M [ Private Message ] me via. forums [ http://empireminecraft.com/members/ww2fan168.89847/ and click the "Start Conversation" button under my head :) ]
    Gold: 16 for 150r
    Coal: 64 for 100r [ Negotiable ]
    Quartz [ normal, NOT blocks: 16 for 255r
    Netherrack: 64 for 50r
    Orange StnClay: 64 for 100r
    Slime Blocks: 32 for 316r
    Oak Logs:16 for 16r
    All potions: [ Ill tell u prices once I receive PM ]
    ALL mob drops: [ same as potions ]
    Hoppers: 16 for 400r
    Redstone Torches: 64 for 352r
    Repeaters:5 for 100r
    Redstone Comp.[Comparers]: 16 for 500r
    Droppers: 5 for 20r
    Dispensers: 5 for 105r
    Redstone lamps: 5 for 65r
    Daylight detector: 1 for 20r
    Brown Mush.Block: 16 for 32r
    ALL eggs [ spawn eggs ]: 50r per.
    Cooked rabbit: 16 for 16r
    Cooked Mutton: 16 for 25r

    Thats is all for now :)

    EDIT: If you notice I am on u can get me and u don't have to mail ( /p ww2fan168 )
  2. your buying chicken spawn eggs at 50r ea.?
  3. You could just get all that stuff at a regular mall or shop. I don't really think it's worth the hassle to save a grand total of like 500r, just my opinion.
  4. I already got a DC of chicken eggs for free, just the others now