[Buying] Skin! Revised!

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  1. Buying:
    One Skin! Mwhahahaha

    But seriously, I am looking for someone to make me a new skin, just for me! I want this to be as detailed of a skin as possible. I don't want any 8-bit skins now please. I will be paying 6k rupees for the one that I like the best. Anyone interested will have 2 weeks to complete the skin before I make my decision. Please only PM me the skin that you make as, like I said, I want these skins to be unique to me. Requirements for the skin!
    • Male
    • Has a crown on its head!
    • Is wearing ancient Greek armor, like that worn during the Trojan war.
    • As detailed as physically possible.
    I will decide which skin I like the most and post here when it is done. Ask any questions you want! As I stated above, please only PM me your submissions please!
  2. Is no one interested? Given that it is two weeks I will have the money by then to bump it up to 10k for the skin I choose!
  3. Ok, if no one responds in the next hour, i think I am just going to scrap this since no one wants to do it. Looks like it is time to use the Minecraft forums for a skin request!
  4. I guess I'll give it a shot.
    Might not be done until tomorrow though…
  5. Ok, like I said in the op, I won't make my decision for two weeks as it can take people a long time to make skins.
  6. Well in that case, I'll make you a skin. :)
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  7. Awesome sauce!
  8. Heyo peoples! penfoldex just sent in his skin and it is a good one! There is still 4 days left if anyone else wants to try and win the 10k rupees! Just follow the guidelines in the OP!
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  9. You may want to ask MoyaBoya, he is an excellent skin maker, me and PRO (my brother) had him do ours for us. He is very good, see if you can contact him :)

    Penfoldex is good also, and I would recommend these two anywhere.
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  10. i will try as well
  11. I have 2 entry's in now!
  12. Only 3 days left. I have 2 submissions!
  13. 3 days? i wont be able to make it in 3 days
  14. Lol, I had it originally at 2 weeks, but alas, that was a week and 4 days ago xD
  15. 2 Days left. I have tree submissions, any more going to show up and try to win 10k?
  16. 1 day left. Any more submissions must be sent to me within 24 hours of this post to be able to win! Have fun people! And don't forget the guide lines at the top of the page.
  17. I would like to say thanks to everyone who participated in this. You all made great skins, but in the end I had to choose penfoldex's skin. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you penfoldex, and I will get on right away to send your 10k prize!
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