[Buying] Rudolph (used and unused)

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  1. Finished
    Oh, turns out someone unwittingly lied to me. But I'm having this thread closed anyway.

    I'm looking to buy Rudolph.
    1 unused Rudolph.
    1 used Rudolph.

    You can PM me or reply to this thread with your offer.
    they will be strictly for personal use, not for resale
  2. Changed OP easier rules.
  3. Did you try 4005?
  4. I did not. I'll try it next time I'm online :3
  5. Haven't logged in to check 4005 yet, but bump!
  6. Alright, got an unused one.
    Still looking for a used Rudolph!
  7. Edit: LIES, he lied to me! Don't listen to those rumors that there's no difference -.-

    Oh, turns out I actually unknowingly bought a used Rudolph instead of an unused one.

    The only difference between a used and unused Rudolph is that the used one displays the stats while the unused one does not. The egg remains shiny even after re-eggifying.

    Thread closed!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.