[BUYING] Quartz Blocks!

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  1. Hey guys!
    I'm buying quartz blocks at my res.
    2014-03-13_17.55.46.png (ignore the melonus nickacus)
    You can find this structure at 1259.
    Hopefully I will get enough to start the build :)
    Thanks, Brick.
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  2. Hey Todd_Vinton is buying quartz blocks for 1538 per stack. I have 2 stacks of quartz and would love to directly supply you, but would you consider paring 1500r per stack?
  3. No :/
    I buy blocks at 22 r each, which is normal price.
    Todd might just be paying more to get the quartz quicker, he is rich after all. :3
  4. Okay
  5. Hey BrickStrike, if you need quartz in bulk, feel free to check out my quartz auction here.
  6. Brickstrike, I have yet another DC of quartz ore blocks. Don't know if you're interested, I see that you're buying actual non-ore quartz blocks, but I figured I would post here to see. Same price as last time: 80k.
  7. How do you divide 22 into 4 without ending with a decimal?
    Reason why I buy quartz at the price I buy it at.
    It takes 4 quartz flakes to make a block and I pay 6r per flake to make a block which makes 24r per block.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.