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  1. I just happen to like going to the nether and collect nether quartz.... Dont ask why, but I do.

    The problem with that is I hate manually brewing. I tried making Xisuma's 3x3x3 potion brewer but seeing that I am ametuer at best with redstone.... I need one made.

    I dont care the design and I only need fire resistance 8:00 potions. I will pay a fair amount for someone's redstone expertise.

    Just PM me and we can work something out! :)
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  2. I do have a design in mind, but I will have to test it out more in creative.
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  3. I have 3 designs up my sleeve: Mumbo Jumbo's, Tango Tek's, and Xismuavoid's (apologies for the lack of links bit I'm on mobile). PM me with which design you would like and I will build it if you supply the materials.
    EDIT: Since you don't care which design, I'll do Xismuavoid's 3x3 design since it's the easiest to operate.
    EDIT 2: Materials needed: 4 blocks of choice, 4 hoppers, 1 brewing stand, 4 droppers, 1 red stone dust, 1 red stone torch, 2 chests, and 1 wooden button. If you like, I can make the system fully automated.
  4. Xisuma's doesn't work properly. I built it myself block for block. What happens with his is it put 2 materials of each in with one button push. I used to have a really cool one for fire resist then I took a break and dont have it now :p.

    If anyone has an original design I would pay more, just for the fact of it being original (and I can follow a youtube tutorial, I just need one that works haha)
  5. I have a design that I am a huge supporter of that can get you a DC in six minutes flat, but isn't pretty at all, and requires a little more work than pushing buttons...
  6. feel free to use one of mine on utopia town, pm me in game on infinite for info
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  7. Hmmmmm. I have an idea, I have tesed this a lot, and it is cheap to make! I will NOT supply the resouces needed, but there are not that many.
  8. Pm me if interested
  9. I am no longer in need of said machine. I forgot to have this closed, if a moderator will close it is much appreciated.

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