Buying Lapis!!!!

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  1. Hey guys im looking to buy TONS of lapis blocks..... sell at 4000 for 25 r a lapis block.
  2. Too cheap.
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  3. I sold you some but I didn't have many.
  4. what server?
  5. No, that is a reasonable price... When I bought my couple of double chests of lapis blocks from the community I was paying about 18-20 rupees per block!
  7. thanks everyone who sold!! i really need tons
  8. Rhino, next time you ask for massive quantities of stackable items, please make a sell chest for quantities of 64.
    I went to your place with a chest of lapis blocks but turned back. Later my son, Julien99999 voluntered to bring it over to your place, resulting in a noticeable dip in your rupee balance I'm sure. Would have more for you but I'm building a massive lapis tower at the moment (I love Lapis) at my res on smp 4.
  9. But if you do make a 64 sell chest, let me know and I might open up another of my storage chests
  10. alright i set one chest up to sell in stacks sorry.... i just didnt think people would have that much!!! thanks