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  1. Okay this is a stupid question to ask but I'm at the store how do I buy the items?
  2. Left click on the sign to buy, right click to sell. You may only buy from signs that have B price and sell to those that have an S price. Some have both.
  3. Okay thank you.
  4. if you want to create a shop type on a sign on top of a chest and write <name> <enter> <amount> <enter> <B or S price> <enter> <item you want to sell or get from people selling to your shop>.
  5. Actually you can skip your name and skip the b or s, it will do the rest like this:


    or if you also want to buy items back (3 would be the buy back price):

  6. Yeah same thing :)
  7. Are there certain items that cannot be sold? I tried to make a sign for mushroom stew and it said it was an invalid item id.
  8. I belive all items can be sold, you probally just have to use a different name.
  9. Some items have strange names, its a game glitch. Try looking in the official store (/store) for the name, but I am not sure if that is in the store or not (it should be).
  10. Mushroom Stew needs to be sold as Mushroom Soup. It's a common mistake.
  11. Ah! Sweet! Thank you. I tried to ask on the general chat but no one responded :/
  12. Most people will not bother to tell you to go and read the Rupees & Shops portion of the guide... That is why they ignored you. It is spelled out rather plainly. :)
  13. Actually I went there first and it doesn't say anything about mushroom soup/stew that I can see.
  14. Good point, the guide doesn't actually mention /iteminfo or the Town Store. We may need to add that information.

    Typing /iteminfo while holding the object in your hand will give you the item ID. However, the IDs used in the Town Store (/store) are more accurate and should be used for reference.
  15. That is
    ^ Definitely agree that this information should be added to the rupees/store section of the guide.