[BUYING] Iron In Bulk

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  1. I need a lot of iron. Every time I try to buy some, its out of stock or too expensive. Does anybody have any offers for me?
  2. How much? What price?
  3. Ill buy as much iron as offered, and you name the price.
  4. I have like 4 stacks of blocks? 8r per ingot?
  5. 8r per ingot is a little expensive.
  6. Doesnt mean I wont buy it, though. 2048 rupees is enough for that.
  7. If you want to buy the iron blocks the price is 54r per block. Which is 6r per ingot
  8. Ill buy it! Where do I pick it up at?
  9. How much are you buying? I might not be on till later
  10. How about 2 stacks.
  11. 17160 has Iron in bulk.
    single chest = 7r per ingot = 12000r
    Double chest = 6r per ingot = 20700r

    Enjoy :)
  12. I only needed 2 stacks. Not a whole chest.
  13. Currently 7-8 r at /v 405.
  14. i got 67 stacks 6r each on smp4 9139 Shopping centre
  15. If you go to /v sgx2000 on smp9, my shop has Iron Blocks
  16. I can sell You one stack of iron block if You want. 6r per ingot
  17. I have a lot in stock also at 13131 smp6 at 6r each if I am on I can convert to blocks got about 10 stacks of ingots in stock now
  18. Just noticed the date on this thread but in case you still need them I have turned them into blocks at 54r each and have just over 1 and a half stacks of blocks