[BUYING] I need all the sugar cane that can be provided

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  1. I will buy any sugar cane that you have. I can give you 600 r for every DC OF SUGAR CANE. I wil pay immediately and can even pick it up at your residence.
  2. I'ave got "Some DC's" of suggarcane...
    I'll setup access chests in the weekend at 1040 just pay per DC than :D
  3. I have 50DC available (Paper available too) on utopia, let me know how many you want and ill set up access chests.
  4. if you go afk at markethan13-2 you can get a DC for 100 or free they have a few chests
  5. Check out my 3rd res. Ignore the signs saying I want it turned into paper. I just want the excess cane gone from the left side :eek:.