[BUYING] I HATE the nether....

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  1. Hi everyone,

    If not intrested in a time wasting story scroll futher
    A Few hours ago i was just exploring the nether to get myself some stacks QuartzOre.
    After having mined 4 stacks with my silk touch pick i found myself being attack by an ghast.
    When i fired my arrow at the ghast a pig zombie jumped right infront of it. wich made the arrow hit the pigzombie instead of the ghast. since pigzombies have such a beloving and big family they started attacking me with a group of 7 pigzombies.. while fighting the group a second ghast started firing on me wich ended up with me falling into the lava...

    Stop Scrolling here

    So i fell into the lava and died , i lost all my stuff.
    Thats why i made this thread.

    I'd like to buy my equipment back, wich concluded =

    Eff 4
    Unbreaking 3
    silktouch 1

    Unbreaking 3
    Sharpness 4
    Looting 3
    Knockback 2

    Infinity 1
    Power 4
    punch 2

    So Please Pm me if you can sell me one of these (or more) for a not to high amount of rupees.

    Quartz donations are welcome =)
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  2. When this happens: emergency bail, disconnect, wait thirty seconds, then reconnect. All mobs are despawned :D
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  3. lol, for a moment there I thought you meant that you wanted to buy your stuff back from the lava haha
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  4. I tried that , But bargaining with the lava didnt work out.. i got killed again.
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  5. Aww sorry to hear that :(. Just a little tip and something I try to remember is to always take an enderchest with me. That way I can toss in the ores just in case this happens and a few fire resist potions because I am a lava magnet.
  6. This is why i NEVER go into the nether
  7. That enderchest is a very good idea , thanks! Its was just stupid of me going into the nether without my dia,armor.
    I didnt put it on because its almost broken and i didnt want to lose it.. But it would've saved my life cause i can almost swim in lava with that armor.
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  8. Title: I HATE the nether

    The Nether: and we dont really like you much :p

    But no on a serious note I do always carry an enderchest

    and on another no that's kinda how I got my name, 1st server got blown up as soon as I stepped into the nether sadly so did the portal.
  9. Ugh. Qwerty and Penguin beat me to it. :p
  10. ;)
  11. I went into the nether once....I died looking for glowstone, way back when quartz was an idea. I forgot what happened, but I believe I did something foolish like hit a pigman, ended up with 2 hearts, and fell to my death, right outside the protected spawn. Managed to get some of my stuff back, and I think I had some good armor on.

    Did I mention my computer doesn't like it when I go into the nether? It periodically lags, even with optifine installed.
  12. I hugly reccomend to got to the nether as a party (4 people) so chances are someone will save your life. ( it helped me kill 50 blazes)
    Also next time don't bring valuable stuff silly because u will lose it. ~ I normaly bring iron everything ~
  13. Fewww ok i thought i was the only one who hated the nether! lol, i only go if i wana go to the end
    off topic... i had to say this ._.
  14. Eight minute fire resistance potions FTW!
  15. Did you have armor?
  16. I had full iron armor, because my diamond enchanted armor was almost broken..
  17. No, all mods around you disappears as soon as you dcs
  18. That's what I said...