[BUYING] Emergency Snow Clearing Devices.

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  1. Hello there! I am currently (no longer) looking to buy some Emergency Snow Clearing Devices. You may sell them to me for the price of 20,000r each at 1252 on SMP1.

    Just use /v 1252 or /v iGTR to get there and feel free to sell to me; don't complain or talk about other prices, please. Have a good day, everyone.

    (Price on picture is outdated)
  2. As of this post, I'm looking to buy four of these off of you people. You can sell at the chest shop mentioned above.
  3. BFInc buys them for 20k. You may wanna up your price to get them.
  4. The last I heard, BFInc has stopped buying them because he has enough of them. If I want to up my price, then I'll up it when I see fit, which is why I mentioned this in the original post:
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  5. I wasn't complaining. I was advising.
  6. I took my signs down as I had enough of them thanks, please don't fight over me :(.
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  7. I know, but I'm telling you that I do not welcome posts by others saying that other people buy them for more so I should up my price. I was aware of BFInc's buying and last he said, he was not buying anymore, so I believe my price is fit for the time being; especially as persons are selling. :)
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  8. Now buying four at 18,000r each. Sell to the chest shop; the buying price has been upped! :)
  9. Now buying any amount at 20,000r each. When I say any amount, I mean pretty much until I am out of rupees. Happy selling.
  10. Only looking for a maximum of two more of the Emergency Snow Clearing Devices to buy. Sell at my chest shop @1252 if interested, 20,000r each.
  11. I wonder who's res I see in the background of that picture.
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  12. It's a certain tower, owned by a specific, well, you. :p
  13. Room for two more in the chest. Take my rupees. :)
  14. No longer purchasing the Emergency Snow Clearing Devices. Thanks to everyone that has sold theirs!