[Buying] Efficiency/Unbreaking Picks

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  1. Since I'm starting a very large mining campaign before the 1.7 update, I decided on a new mining tactic that will probably work a lot better than strip mining: Basically it's called spray mining, if you've ever heard of it. I need some good efficiency and unbreak picks for it though, and I'm looking for two of these to start. I'll buy each for 2-2.5k, I want these as soon as possible. Thanks for reading, respond if you can help. :)
  2. NOTE: High enchants for these picks as well, I'll actually probably pay 3k for each after realizing that I need high enchants. I'm looking for a minimum of Eff 4 Unbreak 2 on each pick.
  3. Still need?
  4. Yeppers, I have spent the last week working on non-mining stuff, but I do need them pretty soon. Are you selling them?
  5. Yeah man! I can Enchant a ton tomorrow :) How many Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Picks can you buy? I need the money for my Going Away Give Away :)
  6. I want around 3 picks, would 2k for each work?
  7. Yep that would be fine :) Ill get the done in maybe half hour
  8. I might be able to sell a few.
    Have you tried using Etho's mining method? It's very efficient and effective from what I've heard.
  9. Actually im not going to be able to do this I realised :( no Diamonds, and money needed for something, and not much time :( Sorry
  10. How many can you provide? At what cost?
  11. No rush, if you find what you need then you're welcome to offer me a few if you want. :)
  12. lol I can sell you these if no one else can. I happen to have a supply for myself. Which I rarely use now.

    Spray mining? :) Sounds like the typical Haste Beacon + Eff 5 Diamond pick method. Insta break everything. Only thing that slows you down is stopping to light the place up...

    PS. I'll be back in like 8 hours... SMP5
  13. W
    Wil do :)
  14. Whatever offer you'd like to make, I'm open to it. I'm a fan of either eff 5 picks or eff 3 or 4 + unbreak 2 or 3 picks.
  15. Unbreaking 3, eff 4 is an easy to get natural enchant. diamond i assume. and 2k each sounds ok to me. you want 3 of them?
  16. Yep, 2k each for three of them sounds great!
    NOTE: I can't pay until Friday unfortunately. Once I pay you I'll set up an access chest on my res on smp2. :)
  17. OK, I can do that. I just made 3 new ones now. As I couldn't remember which ones were new, and which ones repaired. lol

    It took me ages... i got 'unlucky' and made 4 silk touch before i got 3 'Basic' picks. lol