[Buying] DC of Quartz Blocks

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  1. I was looking around servers and saw some quartz blocks selling from 12-16 per, so I'm gonna pay 15 per.
    51840 for the DC
    25920 for a SC
    8640 for 9 stacks

    I'm not looking for smaller increments, sorry. Message me here / or if I'm offline you can throw them in a hopper at res 11235 on smp 5 and message me, then I'll pay you when I can. The hopper is down the stairs and to the right.
  2. I set up a chest at 11097 where you can sell 9 stacks at a time
  3. Make another 1 for 1 stack :D
  4. Raising price to 15 per.
  5. Sell me your white blocks.

  6. Added
  7. I might come around :D