[ BUYING ] DC of Iron Blocks and DC of Glass

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  1. Title says it all. These supplies go towards a random project of mine.

    Please PM me the price and which DC you can supply, thank you :)
  2. Chickeneer sells iron at his smp2 spawn res for cheap
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  3. what is the project?
  4. I can get you a lot of iron
  5. Connz I will get u the glass, just tell me when you needz it :D
  6. yea i also have an extra dc of glass i can sell
  7. I am afking at an iron farm, so i will have stacks on stacks of iron for you to buy and i also have a dc of glass that you can buy.
  8. It's all gone D:

  9. I think Ark_Warrior1 said he can get the stuff for you. Ive been talking with him and I know hes working hard to get you the stuff.
  10. Bought all he had. Still need quite a bit

    Thanks Ark :D
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  11. I think hes still getting more... Hes been afk at a grinder for quite a while now.
  12. He said that when i leave the grinder, it will be too late for me to sell the iron, i will still grind away, tell me if you change your mind deathconn
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