[Buying] Bulk Items

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  1. Looking to buy many items for an upcoming event.
    Will update this list as I need more or buy what I need.
  2. Bump, updated list
  3. I think I got the mossy cobble. How much you paying?
  4. I have the obsidian, 5500r for the 9 stacks, about 9.5r per piece.
  5. Ah, not good on prices, what's your offer?
    Deal :) Should we meet in game, or I could pay for items + mail?
  6. i might be able to do the bookshelves
  7. Bookshelves ready, not sure how much you are paying.
  8. Bump, still looking on that cobble
  9. Found some in my storage, I can do 4320r for the 9 stacks (7.5r per piece) if you're interested.
  10. Deal :)
  11. If you can wait a few hours I can sell you the glowstone
  12. Already had a buyer sorry :(
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  13. New stuff being bought :)
  14. Where's the list? I do have tons of bulk sugar can but I don't know if you want it.
  15. There was a list originally there, but I have what I need now :)
  16. Ok, so no sugar cane?
  17. No, I didn't need sugarcane :)