[Buying] Broken Tools + More!

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Do you plan on selling?

Yes 6 vote(s) 66.7%
No 3 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Hello Empire! We all have that one Unbreaking II chestplate that's sitting useless in our chest, or that Thorns I boots we got accidentally. But look no further; I'm buying all of your useless junk!

    Currently Buying

    1. Bad Enchanted Items - Any quality, from Unbreaking III to Efficiency I.

    2. Broken Tools - I'll buy them whether they have 1500 uses or 15 uses left! I do not hold grudges against tools.

    3. Flame II bows! Paying 2.5k for every Flame II bow you sell me!

    Only buying diamond tools!

    How to Sell

    1. Find me ingame. I play on smp5.

    2. Post here!

    3. PM me.

    We can discuss a price there. Please tell me how many uses the item has on it. That will affect the price. I can check if you don't have the feature enabled.

  2. hmm.....
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  3. Hmm.... Wait, why are we confused?
  4. no, I'm considering it :D
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  5. *Goes to break a bunch of wooden tools.*
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  6. Hmmm do u wanna buy my in breaking I efficiency I axe? Been sitting in my chest for
    Weeks and I'm looking for some rupees because
    It has half health
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  7. Btw genius idea PenguinDJ
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  8. How about 350r?
  9. can u do 400r?
  10. Heres what i "salvaged"
    -Efficency II diamond shovel with 1112 uses
    -A unbreaking III diamond pick without a scratch
    -A iron Sword with knockback I with 225 uses
  11. Haha, it turned into 500. I really don't have a method for pricing :p
  12. 700 for the first two?
  13. can i have a little bit more because its an unused unbreaking III?
  14. how about 850r?
  15. I keep them always if the are enchanted and at soem point repai one.