[ BUYING ] A zombie spawner coordinates

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  1. Price looking for: 2000r-3500r

    Server: smp6

    I need one very bad.
  2. i got one on smp4 if you want?
  3. smp7, I have one.
  4. i have 1 zombie 2 skelly 3 spider 3 cave spider on smp3 name ur price!
  5. all those are all in 1 big area/abandond mine
  6. It's s zombie spawner? If it's not on smp6, I can move it to smp6 because I have silk touch! Can silk touch remove spawners? So... maybe 2500r?
  7. Silk Touch Pickaxes can not pick up any of the monster spawners. It will break them to dust!
  8. DARN! But thanks for telling me.
  9. so do you want it?
  10. Sure! Why not? My offer is:

  11. Do you still want one on smp6?
  12. smp6 is so deserted
  13. That's my hometown your talking about!! :(
  14. I have 1 on smp2 If you like...
  15. I already have one, thx!
  16. ik I live there to