[Bug] vehicle entities kick you out

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Gawadrolt, Nov 20, 2015.

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  1. This was a weird one. When you get in a boat or a minecart sometimes(and it seems to be based on just that entity) it kicks you out as if you fell through it. Not as if you pressed dismount(shift) this happened to me four times yesterday three times with a boat and once with a minecart. Had it happen with kaizimir and suriyakeng as well. I figured it was related to the latest updates.
  2. Can confirm, happened to me aswell. It did work after trying like 3 times, though.
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  3. Happened when I tried a roller coaster made by antimattermatt....
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  4. Happened to me in the wild on smp9 D:
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  5. Happened to me too, on SMP5. I confirmed with Hashhog and was told that it was not client side.
  6. Yeah, I end up inside my hopper under the rail.. have to break my way out sometimes.
  7. I'll check it soon as I can. Its def going to relate to last update as I did make a huge internal change to vehicles to properly support preventing Marlix dismounting the bat in water.
  8. From what happened to me:
    • Trying to get inside a minecart that had only half a block of air on top of it (slab on the ceiling) always led to me getting stuck in the ground. Entering the minecart with a full block of air above it and THEN riding into a half block location didn't cause any issues though.
    • Boats had the same issue other people were reporting, but I could apparently solve it by holding down ctrl as I entered the boat (as if to speed it up).
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  9. This bug is very frustrating when you enter a minecart that is sitting on an elevated rail, now you sometimes fall through and fall to your death :confused:.
  10. We have a track ticket associated with this thread. I don't think it is an issue anymore though though. Anyone care to confirm?
    Marking as obsolete, unless someone tells me differently.
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  11. I haven't encountered it in a long time. I think it was an issue for like a week at most.
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  12. Awesome, Thank You! Was cleaning up some old tickets on track last night - to hopefully prioritize the quick and easy bugs.
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  13. Same here I havent had a problem with it since
  14. So I guess I was sitting in my minecart yesterday when I logged off and today when I logged back on I fell through my minecart and into lava I swam up to try to get out but died and lost all my items... makes me want to CUSS and to be not such a nice guy.. this is really aggravating since I had just got a silk touch pick and made train track..
  15. just want 2 help: I never had this problem, and i often use minecart elevators.
  16. I think it was just an issue in november when aikar fixed something else and this broke. The lava death sounds unrelated. I wouldn't log off while in a minecart if you are in a precarious situation. When you log in the client sends and recieves a lot of information and if there is any lag it can cause all kinds of trouble.
  17. Usually it will kick me out but will only do a bit of damage and nothing more .. This time it kicked me right into lava that was covered with stone blocks and killed me, I have been mining for a long time and its the first time this has happened
  18. Well since usually and rarely are the opposites I'm going to just reiterate what I said, that does not sound like the same issue, or that you are able to communicate what actually even happened, usually or rarely or something :-P
  19. Original Issue has been resolved. closing thread as requested by author.
    If you have a new issue, feel free to start a new thread :)
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