[Bug] PVP Lore / Invalid Item

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  1. Noticed a couple of problems with PVP that I haven't seen before. The first problem is that the items with italics in their writing get strange slashes either side of the italic writing. First example, the Turkey Slicer:

    Notice the slashes by "Perfect slice every time"? They should not be there.

    Another example using the Community Defender:

    This time, there are slashes by the italic writing that reads "And they shall be victorious!", which should also not be there, so this problem needs to be fixed.


    The second part of the problem is that some items (or at least the Arena Blade and the Arena Longbow) says that it is an invalid item when you hover over it. I know it did not do this before, so this needs to be fixed also, here is what happens when you hover over the Arena Blade in chat:

    It says invalid item and surely it should not say this but it should list stats and lore.

    If you need any more information then I can do some more testing on it but so far these are the problems I've encountered, hopefully we can fix these, thanks.
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  2. +1 This has happened to Stryker and Stryker's mom.
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  3. I assume these are both weapons that you used in PVP... :p
  4. Yes. Stryker is thy sword, and Stryker's mom is thy bow.
  5. That makes sense, what problems did you have with them? The slashes? Or the invalid item?
  6. I've only seen this for the arena blade. I've noticed Weird's does it too. But the slashes are normally there yes :)
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  7. The slashes shouldn't be there though :p Should fix it and return it to normal, it was all fine when PVP first came out and the Arena Blade wasn't invalid then either :)
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  8. both actually :p
  9. Yeah, that needs to be fixed :p
  10. I know! I have other bugs, I want to deal with too. But at the moment I have no proof :p
  11. If you get some proof then post a thread in help and support, but for now, let's try and get this one fixed ;)
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  12. This needs to be fixed.
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  13. Confirmed: Apparently my Arena Longbow is an "invalid item" too.
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  14. Please stop bumping this thread. Bugs like this aren't discussion pieces. If you need a staff member to see something, you are better off pm'ing it to us. I have gone ahead and filed a ticket on track for these issues to be addressed, but they are not show stoppers so it could be a little while until they are fixed.
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  15. I wasn't bumping it for discussion, I was bumping it for someone like yourself to see it. Staff acknowledgement like this is what I needed - as you even said yourself, it's not a show stopper, so I didn't PM anyone about it. Thanks for adding the ticket for it.