[bug] Momentus causes area to glitch and "crash"?

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  1. Ok, so, this glitch only started today (more like many glitches), and has occurred since me and Sedonah_Avalon defeated a Momentus. We live on smp7 frontier, on the cluster of jungle islands around 1000 blocks from spawn, cords -1319,1789, and have lived there a long while. while we were working on landscaping, a Momentus spawned. it spawning was nowhere out of the ordidnary, due to some fight problems, we did die many times. after the message "Momentus has fallen" came up, things started getting weird. First, even when all of the guardians were cleared, assorted types of zombies began spawning aboveground in max lighting or in broad daylight, which me and Sedonah watched 8 times in 5 minutes in which a zombie spawned right in front of us in broad daylight. The majority of them were regular, but there was also 1 enraged zombie, a chicken jockey, and an enraged guardian, that all spawned right in front of us in broad daylight. Then, with max light in broad daylight, skeletons, spiders, creepers AND enderman all spawned in the day with max block light, and last time I knew, even by checking the minecraft wiki, this shouldn't happen to this extent. eventually, all of my other members got on, and they started having issues as well. TheBassman22 had is bed stop working when he died, and nothing obstructed it, 2 of his chickens went missing, and there was no ocelots, and no other players nearby. Finally for poor Bass, all 9 of his horses, tamed, saddled, and armored, disappeared and de-spawned, and again, there was no players, no objects or creatures that could have harmed them, and if it had been a creeper, his stable would have been destroyed with the horses and his items should have been there. Baseball620's bed stopped working and even holding vines and going up our jungle tree, when he slipped down, it killed him, even though he was holding vines. then lastly, Swimmy101, even with her typical internet problems, Her Arrows kept freezing in midair then turning back and hitting something else in another direction besides the way she shot. The sky in our area has also not been natural since. it mostly tinges grey like rain, even though most times rain hasn't started , and our biome is jungle. I don't know what sort of field that Momentus may have caused, but it has been terrorizing us with unusual patterns. and I mean, its not all over because when Baseball620 came back from spawn, everything was normal until he hit close to our islands. if you find anything out of the ordinary, please let one of us know, because we are having issues trying to do anything.
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  2. Hmm, i'm gonna undo another patch incase its the source of the issues :/ Still having quirks with marlix spawns it seems so still got more work to do as the current efforts to stop the dupe spawns isnt working (but the bandaid is removing them)

    please PM SS about recovering lost stuff.
  3. I gotta say, this is an awesome sequence of bugs. I mean, not so awesome that you lost stuff 'n had to walk all the back to your home but it's like AWESOME how much Aikar can break things I mean, awesome how scary Momentus' power now is xD

    If you added these bugs into UHC, what would happen... >.>...
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  4. Thank you guys! I will get my team to contact ASAP. this should fix things hopefully now. Thank you so much!
  5. It's the beginning of the Apocalypse.

    Mobs spawning in the day.

    Eternally grey skies.

    Arrows turning on friends.

    Our beds ceasing to work.

    And people said I was crazy for building an obsidian bunker.
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  6. Okay, I know I've posted on this thread b4, but I finally figured out how the glitch is forming. When the Momentus dies, the field it creates is not going down, causing it to go haywire now that the "host" is not managing it. Which would explain the random day time spawn of ALL types of zombies, the crazy arrows and all the other weirdness...EXCEPT the disappearing mobs. For some reason I went to Fight a Momentus on an island I planned on building on, and when my friend Miss_Peevle went to attack it, it said "you are not part of this attack group" which would explain why the third person has their animals disappear. the first time was with Bass's horses, the second was with Sedonah's Cat and dog more recently. seems that the field needs to be fixed. same with the "attack group" bug
  7. Not sure if this is related but when I got hold of a Momentus yesterday it almost seemed as if one of the enraged guardians was invulnerable. I did fight it on diff. 8 which means that some of them regain health when you die, but even so...

    I whacked at it with my voters sword, later on with an enchanted dia sword I managed to pick up and it still took me at least 3 - 5 minutes before it finally died. I never had that happen before..
  8. Yeah! The day before yesterday, I was fighting a marlix.....
    of course I died, but there were 3 in the same 40x40 area! And one of the enraged guardians wouldn't die, even though i was sniping him from my little base area... I had a f2 power4 bow...
  9. yeah, this is growing to be a major problem. there has to be something causing the field not to go down. but until its figured out what or why, my guild put up a rule to not do any boss fights within 1000 blocks of the guild unless they are prepared for disasters. meaning theres probably 5 marlix and 3 other momentus in our territory that we will have just lying around till this gets fixed. :confused:

  10. *runs into apocalypse bunker*
  11. i'll come kill them