Broke my computer.

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  1. Yes, as the title says, I broke my computer. I was packing it up, and it was sitting by the wheel of my car and I forgot it, and I ran over it. I'm going to be gone until I either get a new screen, or a new computer, which might be a while.

    This is what it looks like when I turn my computer on.

    (You can clearly see cracks and dead pixels everywhere).
    This picture and the post were done with my brother's computer.

    Anyway, this post was just made to say I'll be gone for a while.
  2. Send a PM to a senior staff or community manager and ask for derelict protection. I am sorry to hear that.
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  3. lol.
  4. Dead pixels actually is the term for what happened.
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  5. you don't say
  6. You acted like it was a joke and you had no idea.

    Also, if it's not something like a CratePC or a Mac Pro type formfactor where the PC itself is built into the monitor, you could probably just replace the monitor if the tower itself is in decent condition. If not, try opening your case if possible and putting a picture on the forums. There could be some parts that are able to be reused (assuming they didn't get fried)
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  7. It was a laptop.
  8. Either a broken computer or a cool wallpaper. :p
  9. Oh no, please don't call me out on my ignorance.

    lol. *is a certified PC Technician - making jokes about how he said you can see dead pixels when all of them are literally crushed and non reviveable*

    On another note, you can just get a monitor or television and plug it in via HDMI / DVI / DVI-D and it should work fine if you have your laptop open and turned on and somehow managed to not completely crush the motherboard.
  10. That almost looks like some kind of abstract art. You should crop it down and see what people think of it.
  11. You can use this link to browse for a new screen they usually aren't the hardest things to replace but do take a lot of time to fix.
  12. Sketchy website is sketchy
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  13. While you're at it has given me many success stories as well :)
  14. Alternatively, if you screen broke your car with your laptop screen, I recommend this website
    Very reputable and very fast with receiving payment
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