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  1. While wondering around the wonderful game of Transformice someone pointed this fun little game out for me :eek:

    It's like bomberman (I think it's that...) but with hamsters :p
    Here's the link:
    Still a fairly new game as far as I'm aware, there isn't many things in the shop and I haven't heard any music apart from the title screen theme yet...

    Oh and Transformice accounts work with this game but me being me I didn't notice that and I made a new account (after 5 mins of usernames taken...) it's Alicefoxxeh :p (my actual nickname irl haha)

    I hope to see a few of you guys there n.n
  2. I made a thread about fortresse overall, but eets ok :p

    I'm princebee, what did you expect?
  3. Last bump until I give up u.u