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  1. I think Empire Minecraft should add Boss Fights. If you don't know what I mean, just think of Boss Fights as like fighting the Wither. So, the Boss Fights should have a command, like /boss or something like that. Then once you type that, you go into a room full of Pressure plates that, if you stepped on a pressure plate, teleports you into a boss fight. A sign will be put above each of the pressure plates. (The pressure plates teleports you into the boss fight lobby.) An example of what may be on the sign is:

    Big Fat Mama Zombie
    Health:100 hearts
    5 hearts gone per landed attack
    Really slow
    Can summon zombies

    And if a boss fight is in progress, you can't join the lobby. So, if you step on a pressure plate in that room, you are teleported into a room. (You need 4 people at least to start a boss fight.) But if no one joins the lobby, the boss fight starts automatically after 3 minutes.

    So if you lose a boss fight, all the stuff you brought into the lobby will disappear. (Duh!!! Classic Minecraft rule!!)

    But if you win a boss fight, you get tons of XP (Depends on how hard the boss is) AND the stuff people have died with while trying the fight the boss and have died.

    So, if you like this idea, please like this comment and post a comment, and if you didn't like this idea, say why you don't like it on this forum.


    PS. If I said the same thing multiple times, it's because I'm typing this on an iPad. So, yeah.....
  2. The staff are currently working on a major update called the Dragon Tombs, which should be sort of similar to this. My understanding of what is planned is that there will be teleporters/entrances to a Dragon Tomb hidden in the wild, that will take you to an arena in which you can fight the Ender Dragon. This update is planned to be released before 2030.
  3. 2030?! That's depressing.....
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  4. It was a joke XD
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  5. But when I mean boss fights, I mean like RPG games boss fights or HyPixel's boss fights on his custom maps. But anyways, it's nice to know that EMC will last to 2030.... :)
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  6. Aikar is currently working on removing all the bugs and lag from EMC so we can have a PERFECT Dragon Tomb experience, that's why it is taking so long.
  7. Yeah, EMC runs on Valve time, so the update could be out in a week or never.
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  8. Oh, don't misunderstand, I'm not complaining and I think that the work Aikar is doing, and the time he's putting into making it perfect, is awesome, I was just making a joke :)
  9. I would laugh if he hadn't started yet or had any idea how to make it :p (Trust me, seeing some of his other works, he pretty obviously does :p)

    Do you mean a completely new boss, OP? If so then there would have to be a client-side mod.
  10. Soon (using that word lightly) EMC will be releasing the Dragon Tombs update which will include fighting the ender-dragon boss as many times as you want. Adding custom bosses isn't really something that is vanilla enough and so i don't think will be added.
  11. If you want a Hypixel boss fight in EMC, it would be hard. They would have to use lots of command blocks and make sure the experience is the same for every Minecraft Player(s). Hypixel's boss fight is only made for a 1 time use. The Dragon Tomb update will however make more Ender Dragons in a Battle Arena, the portal to them are not easy to find.
  12. Yeah, completely new boss!!!
  13. I never knew that it was that hard...
  14. the ender dragon fights would be great with horses (1.6)
  15. They're adding horses in 1.6?! If they're doing that, they should add spears and pikes!!!
  16. They are adding horses and he can wear an armor. and adding another type of saddles for horses.

    There is a leaked picture on twitter from 1.6
  17. Yay!!! But.... no pikes and spears?
  18. This is the pic

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