Booming Popularity

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 1Achmed1, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Ae most if you guys might have seen, the EMC crew is working on two new smp's. The booming popularity was probally why, as smp7, smp1, and really all the smps have been filling up with people. I use smp7 and during the day I'm lucky if I can get online. Diamond and Gold supporters have benn taking advantage of their reserved slots. I saw 62/60 players online. I think the new smp's will reduce lag on the other servers and such. The forums will get full of crap that people have to say. To reduce on threads, I think there should be smp forums for each smp. EMC is ruling the air and is now a true Empire. I would like to point out some of these links that are forgotten:
    EMC Shops:
    Fake Achievements:
  2. It is great to see the growth of the community. Though i'm not sure of the different forums for each server. Most topics posted relate to all servers or are intended for people of all servers.. I think a combined forum is the best. Also people really should be reading the guide before they start pestering people in chat with questions. It answers so many of the newbie questions.