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  1. hey coders I have written a book about minecraft physics
    yep physics yo`u can msg me to buy it but I think I will put it up on the forms but books are buyed for 500r per msg me to let I begin

    Whats up, coders I'll be explaining the physics of Minecraft in this book. Now, you're all probably wondering "But I know the physics already! I don't need an explanation!". But the thing is, this book will show you how (and not) the Minecraft world can exist while following our rules of physics. So let the lecture begin!

    Placing blocks/Destroying blocks

    In reality, you can't just take a 3 by 3 by 3 meter cube dirt and compress it into a space that will fit into your knapsack (actually, Steve doesn't even have one, and it's impossible for one to carry all that mass under his palm). Except if you compress it. So to make placing blocks work in reality like it does in MC, every time a block would be destroyed, it would have to be compressed into a single spinning miniature block. That you can pick up. But if it compresses, wouldn't that make carrying 30 stacks of cobblestone impossible for a human? Yes. So we'll have to decrease the density of everything in Minecraft. Now we have an inventory-block that weighs much less. But when we place it, that's where the roadkill happens. It can't just expand itself. But if it were made of an inflatable item, it would. The problem with that idea is that you can't make an inflated item have perfectly flat surfaces, sharp edges (I'll go more into that later), and right angles. It has to be a bit off somewhere. Yet its happens in the Minecraft world.

    Status: Impossible.



    If you break all your bones in your legs, you don't heal up in 1 minute. And you can't survive the explosion of a creeper that blew up from 2 meters away. That would have released too much energy for a human to endure. And as for hunger, you can't heal if its below a certain point. I'm just glad its not like that in real life.

    Status: Impossible



    First off, a sign can't stop water from flowing. It barely takes up spacev. Yet the water stops. The only way for that to be possible is if the water was a ghost block and not material o or a material block that is very, very unstable. Or if the player was a ghost. Because water in the game can only take up space that measures as an integer (from birds-eye view). And that is odd. The only water physics that is followed is that water flows. And it isn't followed too well either. There isn't any such thing as water pressure. You can have a swimming pool that's at the top of the world, and connect that to one at the bottom, but the bottom pool doesn't over flow. That would be horrible in real life. It means that water displacement method won't work.

    Status: Impossible, except for the way water flows.



    When you explore in Minecraft, and don't make a jump up a 1 block surface, you hit the block. That block has a sharp edge. Why don't you find a huge parallel gash across your two legs? An edge doesn't have to be thin you cut you. All it needs is to not be dull. You should have gotten cut when you're so close but don't make a parkour jump. But sadly, it doesn't work that way. Also, running won't make you hungry before it makes you unsteady. You're muscles tire out after a long time of running, but in Minecraft, hunger seems to step in before tiring out does. You'd also be completely dehydrated. But I guess some people don't care. `~`

    Status: Chance of getting a cut, as you won't always hit the edge. But based on how skin flexes, you should. But the running is defiantly peculiar.

    so that's it hope forly thay will be meny others like this to come

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  2. "coders" ?

    EMC doesn't all program :p
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  5. Hmm very peculiar...
  6. Of course, I don't mean to be rude. I just thought I'd point that out. =)
  7. well it was my frends from 2 years ago I help with half the resherch but we have not beed frends eny more so it was parshly my work and I did not know it was on planint minecraft
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  8. Ah, very well. Thank you for clarifying. =)
  9. Seemed weird since your grammar and spelling is different compared to the text...
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