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  1. So Im' trying to write a book in minecraft, (with the book and quill) and I can only write up to one page. I'm sure you can write more than one paged books but I don't know how. Any help would be great, thanks.
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  2. Is there not a small arrow saying turn the page?

    EDIT: at the bottom of the page is a small arrow just slightly different it and Voila!
  3. no I have a bug where it doesn't show the GUI
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  4. I should really be asking how to fix the bug then.....
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  5. Do you have any book/unrelated mods installed?
  6. Nope no mods my mods dont work on my computer for some reason so I never downloaded a mod.
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  7. 2012-09-26_13.29.50.png
    That;s what it looks like in mine and I have no mods or texture packs...
  8. Update texture pack.
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  9. I found it, its a bug, i got this info off minecaft wiki.
    "A Book and Quill glitch involves the Book and Quill GUI not showing up and the word "missingtex" being displayed as large, zoomed-in text on a blank sheet of the book as shown here This may be due to having an older version of Java. Upgrading to version 1.6.0_26 (WRT a MacBook pro, Mac OS X, v 10.5.8) may resolve this issue."
    Still don't know how to update this though.
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  10. I don't have any texture pack's either.
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  12. Try clicking in the corner where the arrow would be.