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  1. The Blockheads is basically MC PE in 2D.Except instead of it being first-person,you can have up to 4 blockheads to control in third-person.Instead of a single furnace and workbench making anything in the game,you need to craft and upgrade multiple benches.There are also fish and sharks that you can actually see,and they drop fish meat.You can find randomly generated treasure chests in beaches and caves.There are loads of different types of food including chilli,cherries,apples and oranges.To keep a blockhead happy,it needs to be in a nice environment,not be hungry and not be tired.It is getting a huge update soon that will add electronic stuff,and trains and loads of other stuff.
    Link to website,which has more info and the blockheads forums
    And it's free on iOS and is coming out on android for free soon.
  2. Isn't anyone going to try it?
    And an extra bit of description:It has multiplayer server functions.You can play over Game Center or LAN or online servers,which you can host on macs(windows and Linux versions coming soon).
  3. I'll try it
  4. My friends play this and I saw all the micro-transactions possible, I would play If I had a smartphone.
  5. Waiting for Android....
  6. Yes,there are in app purchases.But they are for time crystals,and you can get 100 a day free by watching 15-second ad videos.
  7. Coming in a week or so :)
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  8. I've had for a few months, I actually prefer it over PE, it seems more realistic
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  9. Its like a bad version of minecraft...

    I play this sometimes with my friends, I torture my player.
    He doesnt eat nor see sunlight. Go for a swim or anyhing.
    He mines out caves with his fist while I go hang out with friends.
    Right now he has dug out a 100 blocks deep 15 across hole near my house ;)
  10. Ya... it does look like some sort of rip off of Minecraft.
  11. Way better than PE :p Blockhead is kinda like terraria+minecraft
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  12. It's not bad and it is very different to minecraft.It's 2d,it's third person,actually has(or will get in a week) a realistic electronics and rails system and it also has pole items and will soon have inter-world teleporting chests.
  13. The update is coming out in 3 days.Along with the android version.
  14. I have this game, but it got boring pretty fast for me after a while, also cause everything goes so slow, and then you have to eat and sleep again.
  15. I tried it and didn't like it. Your character is kind of like a virtual pet. If you don't constantly pamper it, it gets tired, unhappy, hungry and slow. It never dies, it just gets really slow and annoying. Oh and if you spawn in a snow biome, it gets cold too, which makes it unhappy and slow as well.
  16. Then go and get some food,build a shelter and do some more.I mean,I have a skyscraper and a hands free infinite water generator and enough copper for about 1000 wires.
  17. Can you please tell how to effectively grow oranges? I think I did something wrong.
  18. They grow best with lots of light and near the equator.You could just have ones with bad genes(yes genetics is in the game).
  19. but you have to plant oranges in the ground, right? It costed me a while to figure that outXD
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