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  1. I have decided that blazes, not creepers, are the most sorrowful creatures in the world of minecraft. I met one today. His name was Pete. Pete and I had quite a nice chat. Let me reitterate the story Pete told:

    Pete was born to a lowly lava ocean level spawner. This made he and his family ripe for ghast and pigman attacks. It was on his 2nd chunk rendering excursion that he and his family discovered a door of sorts. It was made of a purplish rock that they had never seen before and made really annoying sounds. Suddenly three creatures appeared from the portal (a.k.a miners) wielding what appeared to be diamonds swords. Pete's family lit up in surprise (as bursting into flame is a part of the blaze curse) and were promptly slain. Pete's only saving grace was that he had flown upward and glitched into the netherrack and thereby become invisible to his assailants. Unfortunately Pete had to witness these "monsters" hack is family up and take their hearts (what we refer to as blaze rods). It was then Pete lead a revolution. He discovered that all blazes had the ability to rotate their hearts at such a speed that they could fire three successive fire balls at their enemies. He then went to the lord of the ghasts to request an audience. After some minor "persuasion" with the guards he managed to reach the palace. Here Pete informed the Lord of the Ghasts and the zombie pigman ambassador of all that had taken place and that he planned on leading a revolt against any of these intruders. The Lord of the Ghasts agreed that this invasion must be stopped while the Pigmen decided that they would remain neutral unless provoked. Somewhat satisfied by his efforts Pete returned to his spawner and began organizing his forces. They build massive fortresses across the Nether while the Ghasts formed massive cliff faces that had no where to go but into the oceans of lava. Pete is now the leader of the revolution against the miners and has destroyed innumerable miners and their valuables.

    So is the story of Pete Blaze of the Nether.
    And why the Nether is what we know today.
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  3. 10/10 I enjoyed the story.
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  4. What about Magma-cubes! Everyone forgets the magma-cubes:(.
  5. The magma cubes never get love :(
  6. Interesting :) You should hear the story of Stephen The Giraffe )':
  7. That was-*sniff*-that was beautiful, man. :'(

    No, but seriously, that was very creative of you. Nice work, I award you one like. :D
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  8. Big Davie, the story of the Magma Cubes was not forgotten. I just have yet to meet a Cube with enough humanity left to tell me their side of the story, but I will relay the fragmented history I receive after my talk with Pete the Blaze.
    Eons ago, back during Indev, Minecraft was created by a race know as the Cubes. (Clearly we can see why there is no doubt about that) The cubes were a peace loving race who wished only to build constructs and have a general good time, but as time passed their world grew unstable. These "players" who only wished to destroy others work ran rampant throughout their lands. What were the Cubes to do? So disobeying orders many cubes fell to the overworld and became what we know as the slimes. The slimes soon recognized that they could no longer stave off the growing number of players destroying their lands and the fallen cubes created the monsters. Zombies, skeletons, spiders, and creepers (The slimes were only partially responsible for their creation) alike soon began moving across the lands, but the slimes did not realize that in using their creative abilities they would lose a bit of their humanity. This left them in the state they are now. Only able to express their hatred for the player through physical brutality, but unable to contact their brethren up above or create and new forms of life. Here Pete says the story breaks until the nether was discovered. There was a second revolt against the omnipresent Cubes up above. However they decided against assaulting the overworld and instead created the underworld (what we now know as the nether). Here they created the blazes, ghasts, and zombie pigman, but unfortunately this lead to a worse fate than that of their slime brethren. Because they had made such a vast creation and populated it they became nothing more than beasts. Constantly roaming the nether in hopes they come across a player they can exact revenge upon. And so the magma cube came into being. A once powerful being reduced to nothing more than an animal.

    Here Pete the blaze stopped, telling me that was all he knew about the cubes. The fallen cube's creations (The monsters) revere them as gods, but because of their state they are left alone and because anyone has yet to discover one with an ounce of humanity left their story has become but a broken legend. :(
  9. Mind sending me a link to said story?
  10. This is great, good job cmrichter.
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  11. These stories should be written in books. Like in the new update :)
  12. When we're able to write in books and if this fits. I want these stories to go on my shelves.:eek:

    Get out of my head xD
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  13. Did the math... It fits!
    And no. hehehe....
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  14. did i ever tell you guys why fish where never seen in theworld of minecraft?
    It was a real thrill. i was sitting by the shore, watching a beautiful sunset before i had to retreat to my abode for a fitful night's rest of being disturbed by my fallen brothers, when i gazed downward into the deep water of the North Ocean. what i saw startled me so much that i accidentally slid in as my faithful hound, Benny, nudged and licked my shoulder. i didnt try to swim back up, since i was floating, GRAVITATING to the small hole in the water. my foot passed through the small cube square of air, but never appeared back in the water! i clenched my eyes shut, ground my teeth, squeezed my hands. my pulse started getting faster.
    before i knew it i was on the other side. there was no ground in sight. i looked up for any sign of a surface, but saw none. i gasped for air, my lungs about to burst. i stroked upward with one last push of strength. i slowly floated downward, losing my sight. suddenly something swished in the water, a dark shape. i opened my mouth and gasped. as i did so i was filled with energy, not the pain of water filling my body. i was a fish in a mysterious water realm. i swam for hours, trying to find another gap in the water. i came upon a school of fish. they ignored me at first, but after swimming with them for a few minutesthey finally answered my cries of help. they explained that this was infact the realm of water. they recognized me as a human, who they where going to try to befriend. but about the same time, a realm called the "nether" opened its firery gates of hell to the overrealm of minecraft, which threatened the already timid fish. they retreated, and never appeared in the new era known as 1.3, also known as the "halloween update". the school of fish showed me the way to another portal, with instructions to never come back. i carefully swam through the gap and appeared back by my island. the hole was gone, there was no gravitational pull. sodden with water, i shuffled back to my bed.
    this is why the fish mobs where never added to the realm of minecraft. although, if you throw a string into the water, a fish might be lured out and try to catch a piece of its delicious prey.
  15. Robert I knew letting you appoint yourself as my Vice President was the best decision I did not actually have to make. I am thrilled to know you are so well versed in the legends of old. This is clearly the start of an excellent presidency.
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  16. Now for a harrowing tale. I must preface this by saying that this legend is shrouded in a mystery so deep I can't be certain of what is true, but I will give it my best shot. Most of this came from an abandoned village I discovered near the old kingdom after the great java crash. I found an old man who said he was a priest of the Cubes and had barely escaped with his life.

    Most of us have a general idea as to who Herobrine is. If not do a quick search and read up on him, but to sum it up he is a "man" who stalks those of us who call ourselves "players" with the intention of killing us. Now our story is that he is the late brother of Notch, but this I can tell you is completely false. Herobrine, after much research, was actually a creation of the Cubes from above. Having watched their fallen brothers and sisters struggle to fend off these intruders they convened a court of the highest cubes. They decided during these proceedings that they would only interfere with the overworld this one time. Oh what a mistake this was! The most powerful of the cubes created a sentient being that they name Herobrine. He looked exactly like the players except for one discerning feature. He had white voids for eyes. So The High Cubes released Herobrine upon the overworld in hopes he would aid their condemned comrades. Regrettably Herobrine wanted more than just justice on the players; he wanted a "perfect world" free of anything. He broke contact with the High Cubes and vanished into the mists of legend. He soon returned though, destroying forests, mining claustrophobic mines, building pyramid constructs on the ocean floor, and terrifying players. Then they came. The High Cubes watched in horror as Herobrine's monstrosities marched upon their lands and since they had sworn to never intercede again they could only observe their world as the endermen destroyed all in their paths. It was then Herobrine's really motives came into play. He and his endermen build large maze like strongholds containing a portal into what the High Cubes came the call The End. The End is what Herobrine wishes all of the worlds to become... a void and is protected by armies of endermen and their god the enderdragon. If you dare venture here be cautious as the goal is not to outright kill you, but to fling you off into the void to fall for eternity.

    After the priest finished his tale he looked over my shoulder and began shaking.
    All he said was "There they are.... the eyes."
    I never ran so fast in my life.

    Please if you gleam anything from this understand that Herobrine is not a being you can take on. He is nearly as powerful as his creators the High Cubes and is malevolent toward all creation. If you come across Herobrine your only option is to run. Run like you've never run before. Run as if your life depends on it. Because if you try to follow Herobrine you won't be coming back.
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  17. Everyone hates endermen, really. When they first started appearing in the realms of the living, players were scared of them. That fear quickly turned into resentment, and then violence. Endermen were brutally killed so that players could teleport, or find their way to a stronghold, which would in turn lead them to the enderman's home. The first man to successfully journey to the end was Mark Term. Mark's sole mission was to discover more about the endermen's home realm, and returned to the overworld soon after reaching the end. However, other players with more malicious intents soon followed. They were confronted by Karume, the guardian dragon of the end, Queen of the endermen, and widow of King Natore, the great King of the End. Many men perished fighting the glorious Queen, however, she was eventually overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of men pouring in through portals across the world. Once she had been slain, the men took the egg of her unborn child, and returned to the overworld with their prize. However, the egg has great value, and since being removed from its homeland, there have been many feuds in an attempt by one man to own it for himself. However, after many centuries, the real egg was lost. Numerous copies have emerged since, but none are the real thing, as none can hatch. Rumor has it that the egg DID hatch, and that a line of dragons has been breeding for years...
    Since the killing of Queen Karume, the endermen have been in turmoil. Immediately after the Queen's death, a mass exodus of endermen occurred. They poured through the newly generated portal and into our world. However, some did stay behind, and roam the end to this day, waiting for their queen to come back.
  18. I have another one...
    Our misconfigurations are not our fault, really. Blame the gods, I say! Why couldn't I live a normal pig life, with normal pig friends? But sadly, no. All of us remember that fateful day when we were stricken. For some, we were wandering harmlessly in a tree. Others, on an open plain. Some, in the ocean. But all of us are 'zombies'. We're banished to the nether, where we live a life often in isolation. We take solace in the company of blazes and the occasional magma cube. But when a play comes along - they ignore us, act as if we aren't there, or run from our hideous appearances. What did we do to deserve this? Nothing. Every so often a player will attack us. This enrages all of us. Why would they attack us? If we were a regular pig, they wouldn't be abusing us at their own mercy. But no, we're zombie pigs. We have to tote our ugly bodies around, lugging our heavy gold swords, through the scorching lands of hell, just to be utterly disrespected by blatantly ignorant players. I hate life as a zombie pigman.

    Sorry about all of these, I got a little bored.
  19. does anyone know the story of true old yore? the great 'Notch' once had all players confined to their own squares of land, each filled with grass, dirt, and stone. players grew anxious in the small confining squares of land, craving a vast expansive world where they could grow and thrive. players came together by portals into a general land known as 'The Server'. the crowd grew and grew. fights broke out, spreading and spreading, leading to a battle known as the battle for project infdev. infdev was a secret that the god Notch had been working on for years, but had stowed away because it was deemed too powerful.
    im getting ahead of myself now! back at 'The server,' the battle had been one by an individual named only Jeb. he murderously slayed every single player for a greater good. he quickly stacked every body up to the sky, before any could respawn or despawn. Jeb reached the sky limit, where a thick fog help steady. Jeb jumped upward and thrust his sword into the mist. a hole opened through the fog, unveiling a staircase out. Jeb followed it and found himself staring at the smiling face of notch. although brutal, Notch noted that the Players had conviction and will to continue, no matter the cost. Jeb was given the key to a chest in the corner. he walked to it and opened it, revealing a scroll. the scroll of Minecraft. the future, of minecraft. he unraveled the ancient paper. he couldnt believe his eyes! project infdev, alpha, beta, pre-releases, releases! ravines! jungles! trading! he stopped himself. "i cannot read anymore." he turned to Notch. "but why does it have an end?
    "oh but it doesnt young lad. i need somebody to replace me. i have other... how to put this... projects to work on. i promised myself that the first victor to find this place would allow minecraft to continue and aid me in expanding its capabilities."
    jeb was seated by notch until Minecraft reached a final stage of an era. Notch left. Jeb was in control.
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  20. gtfo magma cubes xD

    Joking. i love the cubey thingys cause they jump and try to squish you. it's pretty cool.
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