BigMonyB and LilMonyB's Pickaxe store

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  1. Some new prices and new pickaxe's

    Diamond Pickaxe Silk1 Unbreak 3 for 17500

    Diamond Pickaxe Silk 1 Eff 3 for 12000r

    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 Eff 3 Fort 2 for 6500r

    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 Fortune 3 efficiency 5 for 16,500r

    Diamond Pickaxe fortune 2 and efficiency 3 for 2300r

    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 Efficiency 3 fortune 2 for 6500r

    Diamond Pickaxe Unbreak 3 and Efficiency 3 for 2900 r

    Diamond Pickaxe Fortune 2 Eficiency 3 for 2300

    Efficiency 3 for 500r

    Stone brick 64 for 50r

    All music cd 25r

    Spm7 lot 14121

  2. how do u enchant all this stuff u got spawner i could use too
  3. My boyfriend does the enchanting and I do the sales :)
  4. I have a fortune 1 diamond pickaxe to sell how much should I look to sell it for? Also a fortune 3 efficiency 4 diamond pickaxe?
  5. can you reserve the first pickaxe (Silk IEff III)?
  6. ill take the music discs
  7. Hello, I have like 3 of them so pm me when you come on or you can go to my store at 14121 smp7
  8. I will buy an enchanted group of items ; Sword Pick Shovel helmet chest leggings shoes ill pay 25k depending on some of the enchants
  9. can you restock your music disc i bought you out -_-
  10. I have a fully stocked music section
  11. my prices are based on those I see in other shops around me, I tend to be cheaper then those if I reduce my prices too low other shop keepers buy up al my stock this way its not worth there while.

    If I see an item not selling then I reduce the price, but as long as there is demand for those items the price remains high.

    I offer work for ppl who need extra rupees but most can't be bothered to work they just want everything for free