Being able to sell res' with the buildings on them still

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if there could be a way of buying res' off people safely and with the buildings still on there. The way this could work is the owner and buyer arrange a price and the owner does a command /res [res number] sell offer xothis_dwarf 5000 and then do that again with confirm on the end then the player who gets sent it will have the option to buy it if they don't have a res or are a supporter and can get more. Then the buyer could confirm it by doing /res buy [res number] and then do that again with confirm on the end.
    This could obviously use some improvement but please consider this.
    Thank You! :)
  2. Has been brought up before and has been shot down, many problems arise within this idea.
  3. I like it, seems cool!
  4. But if they put more thought and effort in its very possible
  5. this is not possible at this time
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  6. ok but will it be possible in the future? Thanks
  7. well, thats a hard thing to say. I mean the future is a very long time.
    however within the easily foreseeable future until the code that is within residences changes it wont be.
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  8. 1 bad thing about it, players with only 1 res and if they sell it they will be homeless...
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  9. Then Players with 1 res become a Hobo...
    It will force people into the wild more.
    But I do not like this idea.
  10. Stealing shops too
  11. I can see this ending in 2 ways.
    1. You get hacked, people sell your res for 1r
    2. Everything turns out fine.
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  12. They won't be homeless because they claim a res or buy another and buyers disown their res and getting hacked is just as likely as getting hacked and taking your rupees and destroying your res. Hope this makes sense! :)
  13. It makes sense, but I think it ruins the idea of creativity in the server because Player A can just make nice houses and sell sell sell, and Player B, C, and D will be too lazy to make anything of their own and not be as imaginative to build anything of their own. But you can hire Players already to build on your plot as it is, but this residence sales idea is just not ready for EMC just yet.. or even at all..
  14. Yeah fair enough but when someone builds on your res it's expensive and can be risky