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  1. Hey guys. Hope you all were having a good weekend so far. Anywho, I was building a beacon with it's pyramid earlier and everything is just as it should be. It's just that when I right click the beacon to add a buff I have no options to choose from.

    Pics below:

    Some help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. There's no fix for it, unfortunately. Sometimes other people can set the flags. If you need me to, I can come see if I can do it.

    It took me half an hour with another person to set the four beacons on my res.
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  3. That would be nice, but I'm about to leave for my aunt's. She had a daughter the other day and we are going to go see her. I will probably not be free for the rest of the day so let's hope we can get this sorted out tomorrow.
  4. I have never run into this issue so will take a look to see what is going on.
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  5. This ended up working. Don't know if it was actually fixed though. I had to open the beacon and close it repeatedly until it let me do so. The chance of it letting me do it was about 1 in 10. Got them set up, though. Thanks for the help, both of you.
  6. Likely fixed in the spigot update to 1.8.7
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  7. I've had a similar issue I just kept clicking it in different spots and it eventually let me choose what I wanted
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  8. Yeah, same here. I bought two beacons the other day and had a lot of trouble figuring them out. This was my first time using them, so it wasn't until I had left and did testing in my single player map that I figured out that something wasn't working right with them here. I had to continually click on and off the beacon before the menu would allow me to set any of the options.
  9. Having issues with setting up mine too. I've just set up a single beacon on my res and have been trying to get Speed II, but not having any luck. :( I've setup other single beacons, without any problems, so I'm not sure what's going on. I've even tried removing and replacing the beacon, to see if that might work, but without success. When I hover over the box in the Secondary Power area, it shows Speed II, but can't click on it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) Please see attached pic.

  10. Misty Lou, what's your res? I'm trying to find it to come over and take a look haha.
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  11. Thanks again for stopping by to have a look, it works great now. lol I should've paid more attention to detail, when I was setting it up! :p
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  12. No worries, they're a pain to setup and get working anyway haha.
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