Beacon from /store?

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Should Beacons be sold at empire store for 1000r?

yes . 10 vote(s) 33.3%
no. 2 vote(s) 6.7%
maybe for a more or less expensive price.(post price in thread) 18 vote(s) 60.0%
  1. I was thinking beacon blocks could be sold for 1000r from empire store when 1.4 comes out. please state your opinion for this.
  2. Nonononononononononononononoononononononononoononononononon
    you see 1,000r is too cheap,
    The Empire Store has a tradition, A tradition to make their prices so high even a rich person can't afford to buy there.
  3. This whole thing oidking suggested to me. because hes busy
  4. What is a beacon?
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  5. Any blocks that can be obtained normally in the game will eventually be added to the store, assuming there are no conflicts with gameplay elements or plugins, but like Jeanz said the price will consistently reflect a significant markup relative to the materials which would be required to make it.
  6. How would you craft it? :confused:
  7. As far as I can tell they haven't decided on that yet. They just have the block itself which they are testing.

    My guess is probably some combination of emeralds, diamonds and glass.
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  8. Primary powers
    The five primary powers are Speed, Haste, Resistance, Jump Boost, and Strength. One primary power must be selected to activate the beacon.
    Secondary powers

    The only purely secondary power is Regeneration. Secondary powers also provide level II variations of primary powers when selecting that primary power. When selecting the level II variant, regeneration is no longer provided by the beacon.
    Pyramid Damage

    If the pyramid is damaged so that the beacon loses power the beacon will still remember what powers it was set for and, once the pyramid is repaired, will resume its previous function at no additional resource cost. This applies to pistons as well, making it possible for players to build beacons that can be turned on and off with a sticky piston removing or replacing a block on the pyramid.
    The Nether

    The beacon will function partially (No light beam but it will provide powers) within the Nether as long as there are at least fourteen empty blocks above it. Pyramid size has no affect on this distance. This is possibly a glitch as breaking through the bedrock ceiling, causing the light beam to appear, and subsequently filling the hole will prevent this from working.
    The End

    The beacon appears to function normally in The End.
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  9. You just copy paste, didn't you
  10. Poker.jpg
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  11. I think they also plan to change the texture, as like with the crafting recipe, they are really just experimenting with function right now (it seems). So it could be made out of anything, regardless of the current texture.
    (I hope that made some sense.)
  12. Maybe dirt? Maybe diamond blocks? Emerald ore? Cobble? Glowstone? Redstone? Lava buckets? Maybe Stone? Emerald blocks? Iron Blocks? Torches? Or, what I think, steak
  13. Oo, tasty beacon blocks :)
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  14. Probably sold for: 10k :)
  15. Agreed
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  16. Well, steak is not worth THAT much....
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  17. 400000000000r XD
  18. And what about... command blocks?