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  1. I just watched the dark knight rises.
    And I must admit.
    Worst ending ever.
    EDIT- Just watched the rest of the ending.
  2. where is burtmegs
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  3. Just watched rest of ending.
    Best movie EVAR
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  4. Who watches just half of the ending of a movie? XD
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  5. other half is after the credits
  6. lulz, dat makes no sense

    EDIT-Oh, i get it, its their evil trick to make u watch the credits

    Some movie ppl (ppl who are mentioned in the credits) are so selfish, making us all suffer through an hour of white words scrolling down the screen just so they can get credit for the 1/2000th of the movie that they helped out with! :mad:

    (jk) XD
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  7. He means the post-credit scene.
    There isn't oneā€¦ :confused:
  8. have no fear! I IS HERE! ..... batman? BATMAN!!!

  9. Yes, I was watching the ending and thought it was over... Then before the credits they decided to have something else which made it the best movie ever.
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  10. Just! Wha.... Why.... How.... I saw it midnight opening night! When the stupid commercials before the movie where going i was like, Start the dang movie!
  11. I think I liked The Dark Knight better. Nothing against Rises, I just really like Heath Ledger's Joker.

    On a related note, Zero Year just started, and the first issue is amazing.
  12. Heath Ledger did the most amazing Joker part i've ever seen, :D
  13. Ah yes, the dark knight series was indeed my favorite due to its directing styles and amazing cast.
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  14. and here we ... go!
  15. so, i thought this would be awesome to share, my friend Vance, just drew this for me.. and i told him i would get it tattooed on me. lol, probably on my thigh, :D i'm excited!
  16. I'm not going to lie, The Dark Knight Rises actually made me tear-up the first time I saw it. If I am honest with myself, it is a better movie than The Dark Knight.
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  17. The back of the right shoulder?
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  18. that is a great location, so yes, i think that may be where i get it ^.^
  19. talk about dedication...