Auctioning 3 Enchanted Iron Pickaxes

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  1. Okay, guys, I've decided to come here to auction my warez.
    I will provide he who bids the highest with:
    • One Unused Iron Pickaxe With Unbreaking I Enchantment.
    • Two Unused Iron Pickaxes With Efficiency I Enchantment.
    Here are the conditions of this auction.
    Minimum bid is 200 Rupees.
    Minimum bid increment:5 rupees
    This auction will last until 5pm on Friday, GMT
    You can collect the item from a chest on my lot, 10449 on SMP5
    If you do anything against the rules or spam the chat with false bids (e.g. 0, 1000000000000000) I will exclude you from further auctions and report you.
    Rupees only, unless you have a ton of Diamonds or you are willing to be my slave over at the VMC.

    Happy bidding!!! :D :D :D
    if you understand the above and abide by it. otherwise, please stop being a meanie :(
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  2. 200r
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  3. Okay, Jonyal, you won the auction!
    Head to 10449 on SMP5, I'll give you the items and receive my payment from you :)
    Or, alternatively, if you aren't available when I'm on, you can collect your pickaxes from a chest outside my shop and just pay me while I'm offline, simple :)