Auction: Unused Pickaxe, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, no reserve!

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  1. Pristine,unused Pickaxe with Silk Touch and Unbreaking III. No minimum bid, no reserve!

    Auction will end 1 day after last bid. I will create a chest on SMP6 at residence 12345 with the item for the winning bidder to come by and pick it up.

    Happy Bidding!
  2. Yes, I will sell it for 2.5r rounded up to the next rupee :) But something tells me there are others out there that might be willing to pay more.
  3. This is dumb lol, lets get serious! 1k ;D
  4. Oh well ;D I have been beaten! 2.5k
  5. Lol Im broke :D Cant go higher :(
  6. :O Well, tear it up!
  7. Your out? :O This makes me want to bid xD But alas!
  8. I'm going for 4,000!