[ AUCTION ] SC of enchanted stuff.

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  1. Title says pretty much all, here are items:
    Diamond Swords-
    (1) knockbackII
    (1) SmiteIV
    (1) SharpnessIV, Knockback II
    Diamond Picaxes-
    (3) EfficiencyIV, UnbreakingIII, Silk touch 1
    (3) EfficiencyIV, UnbreakingIII, Fortune III
    (2) EfficiencyIV
    (1) UnbreakingIII, EfficiencyIII
    (1) UnbreakingIII, SilkI
    (1) SilkTouchI
    (1) UnbreakingIII
    Enchanted Books-
    (4) SmiteIV
    (1) Smite I
    (2) SharpnessIII
    (1) FlameI
    (2) FireProtectionIII
    (1) BlastProtectionIII

    Bidding Starts at 6000r
    Minimal Increments are 150r
    BidEnds 24 hours after last bid
    Pickup will be at smp5 res # 11149
    Happy bidding!
  2. BilboBaggins in the lead with 6k, btw nice name :cool:
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  3. Thanks! :)
  4. bemvino is in this now i see :)!
  5. Bump for tonight.
  6. DragonFlame in the lead with 7,150r!
  7. bemvino wants this stuff and is placing her bid at 7.5k woot woot
  8. his* the skin is a inside joke. i'm gonna change it right now in fact.
  9. oh... sorry about tht.
  10. Holy i get off forums for 2 hours and this happens...
    zanderboy in the lead with 15000r!
  11. This is war between bemvino87 and zanderboy!
    bemvino in lead with 16000r
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.