[Auction] Ore Buster

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  1. I have got today for you an Ore Buster
    Un-used shiny and polished Ore buster

    Starting bid will be at 50.000 Rupees

    Minimum bid increasment 1000
    Auction ends 72 hours after last valid bid
    Item will be mailed to its new owner after payment has been sent.

    here is a little picture of this jummyness

    Happy bidding
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  2. Pssst, you forgot the minimum bid increment... ;)

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  3. Poor performance here

  4. Upping this Bad boy!
    The buster is now slowly slipping into Pamboy's hands for 350k! will you let them have it??
    make your bid now !
  5. 351k ¬.¬
  6. Its looking like Qwertyip is sneaking off with the buster for 351.000 Rupees,
    do you want to Bust a move and try to sway it your way? make a bid now.

    min bid increase is 1k.
  7. The auction was taken over by pamboy.. but then qwertyip slips by and shoots him off the track with a 360k counter bid.
    will pamboy get a new lead in the bidding, or will another happy camper slither off with a bust
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  8. Qwertyip has gone miles with this Buster and with every passing hour it is looking like they will be Busting out of this auction with theyr shiny pick.

    put your bid on now before it is to late