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  1. Item: Tutorial Iron Armour Kit - Unbreaking I Sword Unbreaking I Pick Unbreaking I Iron Chestplate Unbreaking I Iron Leggings Unbreaking I Iron Helmet Unbreaking I Iron Boots Starting Bid: 1 Rupee. Minimum Bid Increments: 25 Rupees Auction Ending:24 Hours After Last Valid Bid Pick up: 15303 (/v Qw3rtyMast3r) Smp7. If you have any queries with this pick up or anything else, please start a Personal Message with me on the Forums or in Game. Thanks
    Happy Bidding guys!
  2. 1r, I'm not going higher. :)
  3. 100r. Did you really have to write all in grey? On my mobile its nearly impossible to read it:/ ( had to copy and paste it in a memo )
  4. no guise srysly 2.6k
  5. Alright thanks for bidding everyone but the auction is now closed, thanks to those who bidded.
  6. It has not been 24 hours since the last bid, so the auction continues. :)

    Cordial_Pie is in the lead, and she bid at 11:10PM GMT on October 11. It's now 11:48AM on October 12.
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  7. Ok i got confused earlier but the auction is now closed, huge thanks to everyone who left a bid but our winner is Cordial_Pie.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.