[AUCTION] Large Bulk Amount Of Many Dyes And Colors

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by R0bbieJo, May 14, 2012.

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  1. Description: Large Lot of Dyes: 53 Green, 110 Lt Gray, 102 Orange, 105 Yellow, 72 Black, 8 Purple, 84 Gray, 42 Light Blue, 6 Pink, 5 Magenta, 52 Red and 128 Blue (I will add any more I find while cleaning up chests!)

    Starting Bid: 250 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increments: 50 Rupees

    Auction End: I will end this as soon as I see the bidding stop. It may take me a couple of hours to get back but I will keep an eye on it and it should not be anything over a few hours. Please Be Patient On This Part :)
  2. 1k.

    need rainbow sheep....
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  3. Everybody makes mistakes. You posted this in a wrong section, also i think you should add when the auction will end.

    [EDIT] Actual hours
  4. I'm out. Didn't think it'd break 2k.
  5. Okay so this is embarrassing.... lol.... Where was I supposed to put this?
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  6. EMC Auctions sub-forum. There's a first time for everything :confused:

  7. I've moved it for you R0bbie. Under the same area, Jeremy has a couple threads about auction rules and formatting. I think everyone knows you've been away for awhile and understands.
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  8. Its ok, everyone makes mistakes.
  9. THANK YOU Edmund... I feel lost lately...lol
  10. The current bid is 2k... Thought I had better make that apparent considering my goof up
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  11. Ill bid if you have some sheep eggs to put in:)
  12. Well I only found 2 sheep eggs BUT... I did find a stack of brown and 6 pairs of shears plus more yellow and green.... :) A few of them have been barely used and are still in the green... 2 or 3 are brand new :)
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  13. Ok... 2250R
  14. If there are no more bids soon I will end this at MIDNIGHT Est time :)
  15. 4k.

    I need.... uhhh..... colored cake.
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  16. R0bbieJo...If you looked at Alex_chance's post the auction was actually at 3k back ther :) he just posted it underneath so it looked almost like a status :)
  17. Doesn't matter, I mid 4k already :p
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