[Auction] Ice-cream Cow Skin & Flesh

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  1. Item's: Icecream Cow Skin & Icecream Cow Flesh
    Startiing Bid: 15,000 (15k)
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1,000 (1k)
    Auction Ending Time: 24 Hours After Last Vaild Bid
    Preview & Pickup: @ /v 824 On /Smp1

    Goodluck Everyone!;)
  2. Edit: [AUCTION] Of Icecream Cow Skin & Flesh
  3. If you want [ Auction ] to be in the Thread name you can report the thread and ask if it can be changed. Then staff will edit it for you :)
  4. Thank You I just did
  5. Might want to lower the starting bid.. Just a suggestion, :)
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  6. Lets not go there.

    I know you mean well, but what about players like me who don't have sense of prices? You push me away and deprive the OP of a good chance of selling. Best to put these comments into a PM, then the OP can always report the post and request that staff lowers their starting bid.

    Mwua ha ha ha, too late now!!


    "ongehindered door enige kennis van zaken..." (look it up, lol!). @staff: nothing mis-said here.

    Why the bid? I shall explain later (perhaps) :p
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  7. i have a feeling you are dutch :p

    16k because why not :p
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  8. Congrats you won pickup will be available when payment is recieved
  9. No he didn't.

    The auction ends 24hrs after the last valid bid. Only 13min have passed. This auction is still ongoing for at least another 23 hours.
  10. Alli only placed his bid 15 minutes ago. He still has roughly 24 hours to go until he wins :)
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  11. Oh Sorry I Didnt Look At That My Mistake Allicanto please ignore that first comment about the win
  12. Congrats allicanto you won the bid pickup will be avaible one payment is received
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