[AUCTION] For enchanted book enthusiasts

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  1. Love books? How about enchanted books?
    Well today we are bringing you a collection of enchanted books; such as
    (2) Protection I
    Aqua affinity I
    Feather falling II
    Power I
    Projectile protection II
    Blast protection II
    and Protection III

    And that's not all, if you bid right now, and win, we will even throw in a cake free of charge :D

    Starting bid is 100r
    minimum bid is 10r
    the auction will end 24 hrs after last bid.

    Pick up will be smp1 @2625
  2. 100r
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  3. we have rman in the lead, with a bid of 1.1k :)
  4. ok, rman is the winner. Sorry, I have been at work all day.
    I will set up your chest when payment is made :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.