[Auction] Enchanted Pickaxe Bundle

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Lun4rX, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello, all! I am putting up for auction a bundle of three sweet pickaxes!
    (It cost about 30 levels of experience)
    • Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency II
    • Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency IV
    • Diamond Pickaxe - Efficiency II, Unbreaking II
    So, here are the conditions for this sweet auction.
    The starting bid is 3500 Rupees.
    The minimum bid increment is 150 Rupees.
    The auction ends 24 hours after the last bid is posted, with no other contestants willing to pay more.
    Let the auction begin! ;)
  2. Thats a HIGH starting bid, lower it down to 500r then i'll bid.
  3. Well it is for all three diamond picks. The bundle itself was worth 3000 R
  4. no its not...
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  5. id say at max its worth 800r
  6. I paid that for it, that's what it's worth, but I'll lower it to 2000
  7. lower it to 800 and we will talk.
  8. if u paid 800 for it y would it magically be worth 2000r now?
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  9. For some reason there's no edit button? I've tried reloading...
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  10. ikr i can't edit anything on this thread..
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  11. Weird... Also,michael I wasn't talking to you, you posted while I was typing.
  12. merf this is weird...
  13. im just saying why would it be worth so much
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  14. ikr, idk why im even posting on this thread anymore i have 114r. :p
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  15. lol
  16. Off topic : I wrote on my signature <3 TOBUSCUS <3 can you see that? its at the bottom left, and i can't idk whats wrong with it.
  17. This auction has been cancelled due to an editing glitch.
  18. It's not a glitch, all threads listed under "Community Auctions" don't have edit buttons for a reason. The edit button could be used. For scamming people.
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